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Asian Media Access collaborates closely and provides the space for practices and rehearsals of various performing arts group and their activities.


Iny Asian Dance Theater (IADT)

Iny Asian Dance Theater (IADT) is a professional Asian dance group collaborating with AMA that promotes different Asian cultures through art, dance, and music, with the goal to unite youths and better the community.   IADT participates in many celebration performances and cultural festivals in MN and around the world. The primarily focus is in Asian dances: Hmong, Chinese, Thai, and Bollywood dance style, all taught and choreographed by internationally renowned Hmong artist – Iny Mai Vang along with a well-qualified dance coach team.  There are currently ten different groups of different age ranges for both boys and girls, plus an acrobatics class once a week open and free to all.


Pan Asian Arts Alliance (PAAA)

Pan Asian Arts Alliance is a Coalition of Asian performing and multi-disciplinary artists in the Twin Cities area to promote opportunities for Pan Asian arts through multimedia performances.  PAAA believes that performance art and collaborative works through multiple channels are ways for personal and community empowerment and therefore, enriches people’s lives and their communities.  Through learning one’s own, as well as others’ cultural heritage, one can come to know deeper about oneself as well as understanding of others – leading to the acceptance of all of us as human beings. 


The Registry

Producer: Stephen Ozone

Director: Bill Kubota


“The Registry” is an hour long documentary for public television in Minnesota and nationally will profile Grant Ichikawa (Gila River internee), Harry Fukuhara (Gila River internee), Cedrick Shimo (family interned in Manzanar), Seiki Oshiro (born in Hawai'i) and Bud Nakasone (born in Hawai'i) along with five to ten other veterans of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and historians who can help tell the story the unit during the war and in post-war Japan. "The Registry" spotlights a lesser known piece of the internment story that did not play out on the West Coast, the Mountain states or Arkansas, but in the Midwest and Minnesota.   Octogenarian Seiki Oshiro lives near Minneapolis. Oshiro grew up in Hawaii, but he is a Minnesotan now. He doesn’t get out much anymore because of his bad knees but keeps up with his friends across the country on his computer. Grant Ichikawa is in his 90’s. Born in California, Ichikawa volunteered for Army intelligence unit to get out of an Arizona internment camp. After a storied career as a CIA officer he has become one of Oshiro’s close friends, though they have never met in person.   Collecting information at government archives and searching for people on the internet, Oshiro and Ichikawa have created the first complete record, a REGISTRY of a curious, forgotten Minnesota based Army unit most Minnesotans still know nothing about.  There’s no doubt the 6,000 soldiers of the Military Intelligence Service helped shorten World War II, some say by as much as two years. They served as interrogators, interpreters and linguists throughout the Pacific.  Director Bill Kubota and Producer Steve Ozone has teamed up with Asian Media access to unveil this MIS story at Camp Savage and Fort Snelling MN.